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Four generations of knowledge, expertise
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Recycling wood pallets

Used pallets can be salvaged for many other purposes

Production of pallets

Our wood products only contain the highest quality components


Herwood offers an unlimited variety of wooden pallets. Our wooden pallets also meet stringent ISPM 15 requirements.

We accept and collect wood pallets that cannot be returned or re-used for production in order to return them to circulation or to use for the production of biomass.

If you need a type of pallet that we have in stock, or if you want to place a special order, just send us your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Being aware of how crucial our manufacturing practices are, Herwood inc. has established a rigorous quality management system.

Wooden Pallet Supplier

Wooden Pallets.  Made with Pride!

We are Quebec's pallet supplier! When your business needs high quality wood packaging for shipping or storage, we can help. Herwood Inc. specializes in the manufacture of wooden pallets. We offer an enormous variety of models and will also custom-build wooden pallets to your exact specifications. Cost effective solutions don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, since we offer both to our growing list of loyal clients.

Wooden Pallets. Made with Experience!

Herwood Inc. is fortified by four generations of knowledge, expertise, and experience gained through 75 years of manufacturing millions of wood pallets. This, together with our continuing commitment to improving our products and services; and our growing client base, ensures we always offer premium-quality products at affordable prices and gain outstanding customer satisfaction. If you're looking for a reliable pallet supplier, give us a call today.



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