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Wood Pallet Certifications & Memberships

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From the design and manufacture of superior wooden pallets, to the delivery and recycling of wooden packaging products; Herwood Inc. has added further value and credibility to our products by partnering with several regulating bodies that ensure stringent and secure wooden packaging solutions for businesses worldwide.
Herwood Inc. is well aware of how crucial a role our manufacturing practices are to the success of your business and has established a rigorous quality-control management system. There’s no doubt that ordering your wooden pallets from us will allow your shipments to safely and easily pass from your business to your consumers; regardless of any borders that lie between. Our wooden pallets surpass all the requirements of the following organizations:


Safe and Secure. Cross Border Shipping.

C-TPAT - Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Security is an ongoing concern for every business, whether you ship locally or internationally. Wooden pallets that are manufactured to meet stringent security specifications can be a major plus for businesses shipping sensitive goods. One of our partners is The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).
This group works to grant certification to successful candidates who cooperate with U.S. Customs and Border Security in order to develop effective security procedures for all phases of their operations. The program helps to meet safety concerns regarding terrorism threats to/from merchandise imported to the United States.

Health and Safety. Preventing the Spread of Diseases and Pests

CFIA - Canadian Food Inspection Agency—ISPM 15
ISPM 15 compliance is a must in the North American shipping industry. In order for shipments of goods to move freely across international borders, including our own and the USA & Mexico; shipments must meet the heat-treatment standards set out in the ISPM 15 regulations. Only certified wooden pallet companies meet these requirements outlined.
Not sure what the requirements are? Take a look at the Canadian Border Service’s website to learn more about ISPM 15 regulations.


Wooden Packaging Industry Memberships

Teamwork is one of the trademarks of a strong and healthy organization. Herwood Inc. is a proud team member of several industrial groups and associations that outline high standards and practices in the wood pallet manufacturing industry. Some of our current partners in the wooden pallet industry include:
CWPCA - The Canadian Wooden Pallet and Container Association
The CWPCA has been the longstanding voice of the Canadian wood packaging manufacturing industry since 1968. Their main goal is to continually improve and protect the domestic wood packaging industry. Herwood Inc’s President, Mr. Jason Wheeler, is one of the Directors of the CWPCA.
AMPCQ - Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers Association
The Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturer Association’s primary goal is to unite the companies involved in manufacturing and distributing pallets and containers. Herwood Inc’s President, Mr. Jason Wheeler, is one of the Directors of the AMPCQ.
NWPCA - National Wooden Pallet & Container Association
Based in Alexandria, Vermont, NWPCA is one of the world’s biggest wood packaging professional’s organizations. Made up of members from 28 countries and over 600 individual companies who manufacture, recycle, repair or distribute pallets and containers, the NWPCA is a great organization to call a partner.
AFSQ - Association forestière du sud du Québec
Always proud to engage in environment protection and its community, Herwood Inc. is now a member of the Association of forest of Southern Quebec. This privately funded association aims to promote a better knowledge of the forest environment among the population through the promotion of forestry culture and education on the sustainable use of wood and forest environment and wood, in helping solving forest issues and supporting future industry.
The wood is a valuable natural resource that we must preserve. As a manufacturing company that has adopted a 100% green production cycle, we firmly believe in the importance of returning to earth what she gave us. This new partnership will allow us to be more involved in the preservation of our forests, to promote eco-responsible behaviors of our resource use and renewal of the forest environment, thus completing the cycle.
Herwood Inc. has the credentials and experience to provide any business in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes; as well as in the New England states with cost-effective and high-quality wooden pallet solutions.

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